"Don't Blame The Sauce Bernaise..."

Posted by Andy Lewis on Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yes, the title of this blog refers to a Hollandaise sauce but it is much more than that. It is a metaphor explaining the events that happen around you or I. This doesn't have anything to do with the obvious, but more so the subtle things; like how you explain the complexity of how your successes and failures occur in your life. Call it luck, call it superiority to others around you, call it an unfortunate malady, call it sweat on the bar, or call it bullshit. Really you can explain anything and everything away every time, but the problem with chalking everything up to excuses is the nagging feeling it leaves you in your future endeavors leading to future failures.

Psychological research demonstrates that we have a strong inclination to label whatever stands out as the most memorable event as being the cause of things, whether good or bad. This "sauce bernaise" effect affects your future performance.

When you fail, seek success again and again. This can be attributed to persistence or "getting back on the horse." To keep the metaphors rolling, "when life gives you lemons make lemonade." Therefore, instead of harboring ill feelings toward "unfortunate circumstances" that affect you negatively; learn, improvise, and overcome.

The history behind this post is many of the "unfortunate circumstances" that have happened to me. I can list in order these "circumstances" that currently affect my focus that i actually lose sleep over. During the Regional qualifier in the second workout i blame my slower time on the fact that the competition was put on pause for a few hours due to a thunderstorm. This led to my downfall by mitigating the meticulous timing and nutrition plan i planned for an incomprehensible recovery following the 1st workout and leading into the 2nd. Since then i make excuses saying that always my second workout in a series of 3 is my weakest. Blaming the "sauce bernaise" in this way i unknowingly sabotaged my last chance qualifier workouts. I turned off the switch in the 2nd workout AGAIN, and not only blame it on always performing bad on any second workout also because i had the flu a few days previously and was not feeling 100%. I wasted away that chance to go to the games. Today, i recorded a time more than 3 minutes slower than 6 weeks ago on the Spartan workout. I cannot count the innumerable excuses i have made up for it. Lack of energy because of not eating enough during a 6 hour waiting period, a nagging shoulder injury, starting off too fast, a self-defeatist attitude halfway through (this i have been harboring since the regional qualifier AND the last chance qualifier, thanks 2nd workout), or even something as stupid as feeling intimidated by the awesome athletes and CrossFit family struggling right next to me.

So really what is the problem here? Not to be egotistical but the problem is me, myself, and I. I am done making excuses, what is done is done and the only thing i can do to drown out the "sauce bernaise" is to develop a strategy to focus my intentions and dreams on what is right in front of me. The building blocks, the status quo-3 on and 1 off, nutrition, positive influences, new founded focus, and maybe even a little bit of luck. With the tools of success within my grasp i will try my damnedest, i will succeed, and if my best is not enough i will pick up the pieces, formulate a plan, and try again. Why am i willing to take the metaphorical punches of Evander Holyfield and keep standing up even though i am black and blue with bruises? Because I AM AND WILL BE THE BEST!


Andy Lewis said...
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Jeff said...

Hang in there bro. Gotta remember that you can get in your head too much. It's what's in your heart that matters. Don't over-analyze, just follow the sage advice of one Crash Davis: "Don't think, just throw." Conditions are never going to be perfect, so don't think about 'em. Just let yourself be the best _____ you can be.

Anonymous said...

Keep with it man. Your determination for success is unmatched. I am going to show this article for my buddy, he always makes excuses when we work out. I think this might help.


Susannah said...

Wow. No sarcasm here, but that was a great post. You are a very insightful. And, for what it is worth, I think you are pretty badass and I have heard a lot of people comment on how mature you seem and what a great influence you are in class.

Mallika said...

Andy you are a great writer - love this post!

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