Crazy Weekend...

Posted by Andy Lewis on Monday, March 30, 2009

This weekend the Coaches of CrossFit Central and I attempted a test run CrossFit Games for the Regional Qualifiers. Everybody showed up and poured their heart and soul into the rigorous workouts and showed amazing potential. I'm absolutely pumped to see everybody destroy the competition at the qualifiers. Why you may ask? It's because CrossFit Central has the largest amount of elite level coaches who are willing to push their limits and have the competitive tenacity to do get what they want. I feel blessed to be working with such a dedicated crew of Coaches! That being said i'll go through the workout's last Saturday. I can't remember my times exactly but they should be close..

WOD #1-
Complete the following for time:
-10 power clean and jerks (M:185#/W:135#)
-Row 200m
-8 power clean and jerks
-Row 300m
-6 power clean and jerks
-Row 400m
-4 power clean and jerks
-Row 200m
-2 power clean and jerks
Time: 10:25

Complete seven rounds for time of:
-7 snatches (M:95#/W:65#)
-4 muscle-ups
-200m run
To be rx'd, snatches must be caught in a full squat. No power
snatching and then overhead squating.
Time: 16:28?

WOD #3-
Complete five rounds for time of:
-Run 400m
-Row 500m
Time: 18:40

Sunday i ran in the Capitol of Texas 10k, where i averaged 6:30 min/mile pace until mile 4, when my ITB and calves tightened up and i slowed my average pace to 7:00 min/mile overall at the end of the 6.2 miles. It was an awesome run with a large amount of hills and tons of people. So many in fact, that i hadn't stopped dodging people every few steps until around the 2 mile marker, which obviously slows you down a bit. Time 43:24


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