Metabolic Machine?!

Posted by Andy Lewis on Monday, April 13, 2009

After judging for the CrossFit Central Fittest Games i realized that there is one aspect of fitness many CrossFitters avoid. Running/metabolic conditioning. Although i am not an advocate of running LSD (long slow distance), i am an advocate of balls-to-the-wall running. I deem this balls-to-the-wall because when running i flirt with my lactate threshold the whole time. What does this mean physiologically? Well, as many people know lactate acid is produced during exercise during the glycotic cycle. Lactic acid has received a bad rap during the years as a reason for muscle fatigue. This perception is WRONG! Lactic acid during intense exercise is processed and converted to fuel and help keep the muscles going. So how can i use this knowledge to become a metabolic machine? Easy! By consistently and arduously pushing my lactic acid limits i can help increase my lactate threshold level thereby increasing the amount of energy for my muscles and allowing for a more efficient use of energy in my body.

So what is the missing link in many CrossFitter's training? Metabolic training. 3-4 times a week i perform time trials at 2, 3, and 4 miles randomly. By attempting this endeavor i hope to increase my VO2max, lactate threshold and win the CrossFit SouthWest Regional Qualifiers! Watch out competitors, you are about to observe the fittest man alive!


Susannah said...

That is a bold statement. I look forward to seeing you back it up! :o)

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